Facebook escalates feud with Apple over iOS privacy changes

Facebook feud with Apple iOS privacy: Facebook has doubled down on Apple’s criticism that another ad claims that the privacy of the iPhone maker’s mobile operating system will hurt consumers by “making the Internet more expensive.”

Facebook feud with Apple iOS privacy
Facebook feud with Apple iOS privacy

Apple announced several new privacy updates for iOS at a global developer conference earlier this year. Including a feature called App Tracking Transparency that will make people more reluctant than opting out of their data collection apps. The update threatens to take down several ad-tracking features in apps, including Facebook. In September Apple decided to delay the rollout of the feature to 2021 in order that developers could have longer to form the required changes.

The new ad in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post on Thursday aimed to change Apple’s privacy. On Wednesday, social networks also announced in a full-page newspaper ad. That the feature of iOS 14 would be released early next year. Which would hurt small businesses. The company later expanded its position in a blog post, saying that Apple’s new policy “more about profit than privacy” means much more than Facebook advertising.

Facebook has previously said that the iOS update will mean less profit for advertisers than for effective ads. In Wednesday’s ads, Facebook said: “By restricting how personalized ads can be used to affect larger organizations like ours, small changes will be devastating.”

Thursday’s ad said Apple’s software update “will change the Internet as we know it – for the worse.”

Apple has kept track of the changes, not to mention they give users more control. In a public letter last month, the company’s privacy chief, Jane Harvath, called on Facebook to practice its data collection. Saying Apple remained “fully committed” to its application to track transparency features and other privacy protections.

Facebook chiefs have made it clear to them that they have created their motives. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that on Thursday. Facebook could continue to collect user data as long as it had previously received permission. “We believe that users’ data/info about them is being collected and how it should be used, “he said”. Cook tweeted in a photo so that users can view notifications on any iOS device. As before, the app tracking transparency in iOS 14 only requires them to ask your permission first.”

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