What to do when you forget your phone pattern

Forgot my phone pattern

Forgot my phone pattern

We have a lot of important information on mobile. Mobile security was already in place so that all this useful information could not fall into the hands of anyone else. But since the advent of smartphones, the security system has become much stricter. We can keep as many passwords as we want on the phone. Well, if you ever what to do when you forget your phone pattern?

As the world has become more modern, so has the method of crime. Criminals are finding new ways to commit crimes every day. Again, information technology is improving day by day to avoid crime. Before, we used to keep passwords with names or numbers on mobiles. But technology has changed. The type of password has also changed. Pattern lock has come to that place. Only you will know your pattern lock. But if it ever happens that the pattern lock is forgotten. Can’t remember even after trying hard. What do you think to do then?

Forgot my phone pattern
Forgot my phone pattern

Even if what to do when you forget your phone pattern, you can open it in this way-

1. First, switch off your phone
2. Now press the volume button, power button, and home screen button of the phone at the same time.
3. Now you will see 5 options on the screen.

i) Reboot data.
ii) Wipe data/factory reset.
iii) Install update.
iv) Power down.
v) Advance option.

4. Now select the Wipe data/factory reset option among these 5 options. Then press yes. But before selecting yes, remember that all the previous data of your phone will be deleted. So always keep a backup, so that you do not lose any important information in such a situation.

5. Now your phone will be restarted automatically. After restarting you will be able to use your phone again as before. And be able to give new pattern locks. Back up everyone’s mobile data and stay safe

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