13 Google software that will make your life easier

 Technology is constantly making our lives much Google software makes life easier. Everywhere we go, we see smartphones, we see different types of devices. There is software for everything in the present age. There is software for social communication, shopping, finding love, and even changing sleep patterns.

But do we know which software we should use and which software we should not use? Today we will try to learn about 13 software of Google, which we can use to make our life easier and more beautiful.

Google software makes life easier
Google software makes life easier


Allo, a chatting software from Google, is designed for Android users only. Most Android users use third-party messenger software, although Alo is a few steps ahead of those messengers.

One of Allo’s features is that you can chat or talk directly by touching anywhere on the software, which makes chatting even faster. This is a photo editing software that can help you and you can send it directly to your friends.

Google Timer

Google’s other great software is Google Timer. Google Timer lets you edit alarms on your phone or laptop with the Google Chrome browser. You can set any song from YouTube as an alarm ringtone. If you want, you can use Google Timer without any internet connection.

Google Translate

Google Translate software allows you to translate any text or image from anywhere to any language. Basically, the software is much more useful for tourists. Neural machine translation software will be added soon. The neural machine method is the method of teaching human language, computers.


If you have more than one Gmail account and find it annoying and annoying to repeatedly log in and out of different accounts, you can use GmailLife. This awesome software combines all your email addresses into one account’s inbox, allowing you to access multiple Gmail accounts from a single ID. Michael K. Ser, Google’s software engineer, told Gmail’s official blog:

“The Gmail app has access to other mail services. In this case, I get a very good response from the customers. Gmail’s other features, including spam filtering, make them more interested in using Gmail. ”

Google software makes life easier
Google software makes life easier

Google Keep

Keep is for those who are constantly creating lists. With the software, you can create a colorful list of great designs. If you want, you can also set alarms as a reminder in them. Google software makes life easier. The features that Google Keep has are color-coding notes, keeping pictures, creating lists, geofencing, note sharing and searching by color.

Google Fonts

In addition to site design, web fonts increase site conversion rates. For this reason, many people use custom fonts instead of the default fonts in the theme. Google Fonts has created a huge archive of fonts for web designers and web developers. You can find fonts of any color, design and shape in this software.


Panoramio is a social networking software from Google that allows you to share various photos and videos with your friends. With this software, you can directly purchase different types of copyrighted images.

Google Sound Search

Ever heard a song somewhere but don’t know its name? Download the Google Sound Search software, search there and you will find the name of your desired song.

Think With Google

Think with Google is designed primarily for marketers. Through this software, marketers will get ideas about marketing trends and marketing information of buyers and different companies. Google says,

“A user takes three seconds to visit one of his websites. If the website does not load inside it, most users leave the site. So the number of visitors to a website increases, depending on how fast that site can work. We hope to increase the number of visitors to websites through these tools. ”

Google Screen Search

Google Screen Search Software is designed for those who like to learn. With this software, you will get various information about the content of what you are reading on the screen. Basically, the software is much more important for students and researchers.

Google Art Project

This software is for those who like nature and art. In the software, you will be able to see various famous arts and learn various important information about them. High-resolution versions of famous pictures from all the major museums of the world can be found using Google Art Project.

Google Sky

Google Sky Map allows you to see cosmic objects, including constellations, galaxies, planets, and the Earth’s moon. That is, with this software you can see the content outside of space. You can see the Milky Way Galaxy directly from your smartphone and learn a lot of information about astronomy.

Build With Chrome

With this software, you can play Lego games from anywhere. The game is also suitable for adults.

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