How to increase speed of android phone


How to increase speed of android phone
How to increase speed of android phone

The biggest complaint that Android phone users make about their phone is the speed of their android phone. And their allegations are not baseless. Loss of speed over time has become a common problem for Android phones. Which also proves to be the biggest annoyance for Android phone users. The survey found that most Android smartphones are quite fast when purchase, but as time and usage increase. So does the increase speed of android phone. As a result, one of the most commonly asked questions by Android users to veterans is how to get their hobby’s Android smartphone back to normal.

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Increase speed of android phone

In order to increase the speed of Android phones, we first need to know why Android phones lose speed with time and usage. When we go to buy a new phone. It has nothing installed except some basic software of Android.

The next time we install different types of applications on the phone and start using them constantly. These applications run in real-time and start using the phone’s memory, storage, and other resources, resulting in the slowing down of the phone.

Many people think that their phone is relatively inexpensive and does not use quality accessories. As a result, his phone is becoming so slow. This is a completely wrong idea. You should know that even expensive and standard devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 start to slow down after a few months of use.

At the end of the above discussion, you may now feel that there is no way to get your phone back to normal. There is no reason to think or feel that way. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to restore the speed of your Android phone.

However, these tasks are not necessarily the ones you did once and keep your phone running for life. Repeat the procedure every few days as needed to maintain the speed of the phone and keep the speed of the phone.

How to increase speed of android phone
How to increase speed of android phone

Find out the main problem

If you want to solve a problem, you must first know why the problem is occurring. Then it is possible to find a solution. So when the speed of the Android phone slows down, in order to restore its speed. You need to know the reason why the phone is slowing down. how to increase processor speed in android without root and find out the main problem.

In the case of different phones, the speed of the phone may be slow for different reasons. However, Qualcomm’s Trepn Profiler app can make this task easier for you. This app calls you with a real-time CPU load of different cores and provides detailed information about WiFi network traffic, GPU load, and RAM usage.

In addition, through the app, it is possible to know all the information about how much memory a particular app is using in your system and how it is controlling the device. Based on which you can easily understand the reason why your phone is slow and you can take action accordingly.

See the necessary apps, throw the rest in the dustbin

If you have read a post about Android phone speed before. You must have noticed that almost every post says that you should refrain from installing the app on the phone beyond your needs.

The first thing you need to do to maintain the speed of your Android phone is to uninstall the rest of the apps that you need almost every day. Imagine being transfer to the Earl’s work world in a second. And if there is, then you must see that there is no more space in your home to move around comfortably.

In this case, whatever you do to keep your home clean and tidy, take the same steps with your phone. Because there are many apps that run in the background of the phone all day and are always connected to the Internet. Such apps can do nothing but increase your data costs and slow down your Android phone. So uninstall them now and increase speed of android phone.

Make some space

Some memory space is needed to run normally all the pictures you have taken with your phone so far or all the apps installed on your phone. And whenever it is not possible to give these spaces, they start to slow down.

To find out how much space is currently left on your phone, go to Settings and use the storage option. If you find that you really need to free up some space. First, check if there are any applications that you don’t need very much at the moment or that if you uninstall some of the space will be empty. Choose apps that you think you can live without.

Also, try to clear the cached data of the phone. Most apps save cached data to work on the next fast time and that’s a good thing. But if the situation is such that you do not have enough space in your hand. Then the amount of harm will be more than the benefit of this process.

Use the lite version of the app

In addition to popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and Opera, lite versions of a large number of apps are now available on the Google Play Store. The lite version of the app is usually designed with the speed of the phone in mind and is especially useful for users who like to see everything in general.

Using the Lite version of the app will increase the speed of your Android phone than before. Bring your phone’s data, as well as reduce costs. And these are the main reasons why the lite version of any app is designed.

Keep the phone updated at all times

There is a common misconception among many of us about updating the phone and that is that updating the phone is slower than before.

With each new version of Android, the emphasis is on better speed. So if there is a new update on your used phone, it must be done. Undoubtedly, it will speed up your Android phone.

On the other hand, if the phone company is not giving any new updates to the model you are using. Then you may want to consider using a custom ROM. The performance of the phone is also given utmost importance in making almost every custom ROM.

However, there are some things to keep in mind, and if your phone’s built-in storage is relatively low and the model is several years old. Then it would be wise to refrain from regular updates.

Before you use the new application

The number of apps within the Play Store is now within the millions. Where there have been only some apps on Android. you’ve got to know that not all of those lot apps are designed for your convenience.

There are still many apps within the Play Store that do not actually work. Their only job is to require control of your device and steal information. However, the amount of such apps is decreasing day by day thanks to the Google Play Protect feature. the amount of apps that are still within the Play Store isn’t small.

Format the memory card

If the apps used on your phone often crash. Then of course your external memory card is largely responsible for this. Many of us use the new phone to connect the memory card in the old phone to the new phone without any formatting. This leaves a variety of unnecessary app data on the old phone that affects the speed of your Android.

So formatting the memory card, on the one hand, can get rid of such unnecessary files. On the other hand, it also improves the speed of the phone.

Use cloud storage

The importance of using cloud storage started to come to the notice of everyone from mid-2016. And it started to become very popular in the beginning of 2017. The biggest advantage of using cloud storage is that it simultaneously allows you to control your data from anywhere in the world. As well as protect your phone’s precious memory. Because we all need to keep in mind that the more we can protect our internal storage. The more intact the increased speed of our android phone will be.

Free cloud storage now also offers a lot of space which is enough to hold and keep your important information safe. Use the top 5 free cloud services for computer and mobile backup.

Use a good launcher

Use custom launcher as the speed of phone growth. It is also possible to provide a new interface to the phone. A custom launcher may not offer much hardware. However, it is much faster than Android’s built-in applications launcher will be able to run.

Moreover, a good quality launcher is designed for shortcuts and other customizations so that it can easily perform other functions of the phone quickly. So it seems to me that using the launcher of the lite version of any reliable company is the best.

Stay as calm as possible

The word may seem difficult for many to digest. But when your phone hangs for any reason, tapping the screen regularly is very unlikely to result in anything good except bad. Usually, the phone hangs when the entire RAM of the phone use by an app or process.

In this case, the home button should be pressed for a while without repeatedly tapping the screen, and after coming to the home screen, it is better to remove the app that is causing the problem from the recent app. If that doesn’t solve the problem, hold down the power button and restart the phone.

Discussions on how to increase the speed of Android phones have probably started since the release of Android. Although the current version of Android is much faster than the previous versions of Android, the phone is not complete faster just if the operating system is faster.

For speed, we need to make the right adjustments between the hardware and the operating system and maintain it. No matter what processor and how much memory your phone has, the speed of the phone is bound to slow down. If the apps are not optimized properly.

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