GoDaddy has won the 2020 award for the email of the evilest company


GoDaddy won 2020 award
GoDaddy won 2020 award

What can you say about the millions of people who lost their jobs or lives during the global epidemic? GoDaddy won 2020 award- the web domain registrar once known for his sexist ads – tried to figure out when employees sent fake emails that they would receive a 50 650-holiday bonus. As the Copper Courier initially reported, Goddard sent his employees a phishing “test” with the promise of much-needed money; “2020 is a record year for Godaddy, thank you!” “Even though we won’t be celebrating together during our annual holiday party time, we’d like to direct our appreciation and share the 650 one-time holiday bonus!”

Employees who then clicked the link received an email two days later saying they had failed the test. Instead of receiving holiday bonuses, they need to take a training course in social engineering instead.

Phishing tests are normal, but the counterfeit money of committed employees must go into the “oh no they didn’t” section. Perhaps it’s worth noting that the fake bonuses were literally imposed on Michael Scott, the world’s worst fictional boss from the office, Dunder Mifflin, and his staff.

So congratulations, GoDaddy: GoDaddy won the 2020 award our brand-new award for Most Evil Company’s Email of the Year. Let’s hope this is the first and only time to reward it.

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