The reason for the late android phone charges

 It takes many times longer than usual to charge the android phone. Many people do not understand the reason for the late android phone charges. Again, many times he suffers from the ‘pain’ of not being able to keep the phone charged overnight. Again some times it is seen that some people’s phone gets charged within an hour.

The reason for the late android phone charges

Here are some of the reasons why the late android phone charges:

  • Bad cable: If your Android phone charges slowly, the first thing to do is check the cable. Many people use one cable on all devices. That’s not right. As a result of excessive use, the small cuts inside the cable are bent. So if the charger does not just replace the cable.

Go to stores and wait for the replacement of chargers or cables. Go to the store and check what you are buying in the store to see if it is charging fast. Do a few tests and you will get the most effective for your phone.

  • Poor power source: If you charge your Android phone via PC / computer, you will realize that it will charge very slowly. So there is nothing to worry about. It is better not to use a wireless charger for charging. Keep a charger for a device. Even then, if your Android charge is slow, you may have problems with your home’s electrical system.
  • Battery problem: If you think the charger or cable is OK, it is often thought that the charge may be slow due to Android battery problems. However, in this case, it can be noticed that the charge may end quickly, your smartphone may overheat or the amount of charge may increase or decrease at an abnormal rate. In this case, changing the battery of your Android phone can solve the problem.
late android phone charges

Here are some of the reasons why the late android phone charges:
  • You are always better off running Facebook. So you have to run with a charge? It’s good to play games all day. So you have to play with the charge? Because of these habits of yours, the phone charges slowly. While the phone’s display is on while charging, the charging speed decreases. This can happen if you watch YouTube videos at higher resolutions. If you want to get a quick charge on the phone, you need to rest the device.
  • Charging port problems: There can be many times problems with renewed ports. In this case, you need to keep in mind that the charging process is interrupted because the charger is not connected properly. For this reason, if the phone charges slowly, the charging port will have to be repaired by the authorized service center.

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