How To Make Money From Facebook Videos

 The popular social media is Facebook. That’s all! Apart from this, young people are getting employment opportunities all over the world through various initiatives on Facebook. Do you Want to Make Money From Facebook Videos?

New ways of earning have also been created by making videos and publishing them on Facebook. Currently, users in 32 countries around the world are getting this facility on Facebook. There is an income opportunity for this facility of Facebook called ‘Ad Breaks’. Now you can also earn money by posting videos on Facebook.

Make Money From Facebook Videos
Make Money From Facebook Videos

What are ad breaks?

Ad breaks mean ad breaks. Suppose you are watching a video on Facebook. Suddenly an ad of 10-15 seconds appeared in the middle of the video. Or an app download ad below the video. 55% of Facebook’s revenue from this advertiser will be credited to the video publisher’s account.

How to get ad breaks?

You need to have a Facebook page to get this benefit of Facebook. Where there are more than 10,000 followers (likes), 30,000 views of one-minute length in the last 60 days and the length of the video must be at least 3 minutes.

How to turn on ad breaks?

To turn on ad breaks in page videos, go to to verify the eligibility of the page. Then apply for ad breaks. If all goes well, Facebook will update the application within a few hours.

Make Money From Facebook Videos
Make Money From Facebook Videos

How to add ad breaks to a video

A Facebook page publishes various types of content including writings, pictures, videos. Details of all that content are known at Facebook Creator Studio. In the video section of this Creator Studio ( you need to select ad breaks while uploading videos. At this point, you will see two options for publishing the ad. One is the automatic selection method and the other is the selection method.

With the automatic selection, Facebook will display ads on your videos at any time. And if you like, you can set the time between 60 and 120 seconds to show the ad. However, to turn on the ad breaks in the previous video, go to the video’s edit option and select ad breaks from the menu on the right.

Ad breaks in live video

The live video on the Facebook page has an ad breaks facility. To do this, keep in mind that the live video must be at least 4 minutes long. At the same time, the video should watch by at least 300 people.

Withdrawal of money

The daily income from ad breaks can be seen in the monetization option of Facebook Business Manager ( Here you have to give your bank account details. Facebook will send this month’s income to the designated bank account in the middle of next month.

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