Some of the best websites to make money online by video content

Make Money Online By Video Content
Make Money Online By Video Content

 If you like to play with video cameras or are thinking to make money online by video content by opening your own channel on YouTube, then today’s post is for you. If you like to develop videos and find tasks like video editing very easy, then you can earn money by uploading video content on various websites like YouTube.

There are many examples of people becoming famous by uploading videos on YouTube. Thousands of people are turning themselves into successful people by uploading videos to this Google video-sharing website. A woman named Jenna Marble has over a million followers on YouTube and earns about 350,000 a year from YouTube.

But uploading videos to YouTube and listening to success stories is not as easy as actually being successful. In February 2018, YouTube created new monetization rules for its users. And with this new rule, it has become very difficult to be successful by uploading videos on YouTube. That’s why you may have to look for alternative websites on YouTube. In today’s article, I will talk about some of the websites that can earn money by uploading videos just like YouTube.


On this website of Studio Brightcove, you can rent or upload a variety of videos that you have created. You only need to charge 99 cents. You will be paid 70 percent commission after selling each video.


On this website, you can upload not only videos but also videos, flash games and pictures. If they upload any video to the front page, you can earn up to 2000 per video. From Break, you will receive payment through PayPal.


Payment is based on the number of views from each video uploaded to MetaCafe. While you will be paid 1 dollar for every 1000 views on YouTube, you will be paid 5 for every 1000 dollar views on MetaCafe.

Custom Flix

This website is originally from Amazon. You can earn money by uploading any type of video here. Although Custom Flix is ​​primarily for filmmakers. That is, this website is famous for uploading long videos. After you sell any of your videos, you will get about 50 percent commission from there.

Make Money Online By Video Content
Make Money Online By Video Content

Atom Films

This website is basically a subsidiary channel of MTV Entertainment. So, here you can only upload videos that depend on MTV demographics. Atom Films will pay you for your videos via PayPal.


If you want to earn money by uploading videos in Dailymotion, you need to open a publisher account. If your video is approved by them here, then 190 million users will watch your video. They will pay four times each year after your video is sold. They make bank transfers only when they are above 100 dollars.


If you are serious about video blogging, Vimeo is for you. Because over 300 million users visit their site every month. You can earn money here in two ways. The first is that you can collect donations for your videos by accounting as a pro user, and the second is that Vimeo will pay you a certain amount based on the number of views on each video.


If you like gaming and have made gaming videos, then Twitch is for you. This site is also from Amazon. Twitch is said to be the world’s largest social gaming video platform. Here you can earn money through affiliate marketing. Their ad revenue stream, just like YouTube.

Not only by uploading video content, there are many websites where you will also be paid to watch video content. Such as:

From this website, you can earn money by watching YouTube videos. Although paid to YouTube pays very little, it’s a completely legit way to make money watching videos. You will be paid 0.005 for each video you watch. So understand that you have to spend a lot of time watching videos. You can also make some extra money by commenting, creating referrals and rating.

There are many more websites like Paid to YouTube that will give you some money to watch videos. Best websites to make money online by video content. Some of the best sites are Success Box, You Cubez, Quick Rewards, Swagbucks, etc.

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