Free Seo Tools & Seo Analyzer

 Free SEO tools & SEO analyzer and there are several free tools online for keyword research that you can use to start SEO. The tools I use myself. So let’s use the tools that are available to do it easily and know the rules of doing it for free.

The first idea of ​​keyword research is to google it before you find any keywords. Do keyword research using the Chrome browser extension. What is SEO? Free tools details.
Free SEO tools SEO analyzer
Free SEO tools SEO analyzer

What is SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is the process of ranking a website in a search engine like Google or Google or bringing it to the forefront of the search. There are different ways to do SEO but the type of SEO changes day by day due to Google’s algorithm. So let’s learn the basics about free SEO tools.

Free SEO Tools:

Browser extension

  • Keywords Everywhere
  • SimilarWeb-Traffic Rank & Website Analysis
  • Winscribe Free VPN
  • MozBar Extension- PA DA Link Checker
  • Automatic Backlink Checker-No follow Do follow
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Word Counter Plus
  • SEOquake Tools
  • SEMrush Tools (Not Extension)
  • Ahrefs Tools (Not Extension)

Free tools for SEO You can easily research any keyword using these tools. Take a good look at the tools, use them, then what is SEO easily? free SEO tools SEO analyzer to learn and rank websites. Now let’s find out what works with tools.

Free SEO tools SEO analyzer
Free SEO Tools SEO Analyzer

Keyword Everywhere:

Keyword Everywhere is a very important extension of Chrome that will show a list of all keywords next to your search. It will also give you ideas about keyword search volume and help you find new related keywords.

MozBar Extension- PA DA Link checker:

Mazbar Chrome is a free extension that allows you to view DA links and keyword competition on any site. So I would say try using the tools will come in handy.

Winscribe Free VPN

VPN is needed at different times to do SEO because many sites from Bangladesh do not have access. Then it is necessary to work by changing the country IP. For this you can use Winscribe Free VPN.

SimilarWeb-Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

SimilarWeb-Traffic Rank & Website Analysis extension will give me an idea about the Website’s Monthly Visitors, Visitor Sources, and Visitor Country. By looking at which you can easily understand what kind of content is on the site, how old, how many visitors from this type of site, etc. SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis Tools to get ideas about different sites.

SEOQuake Tools:

Using these tools, the search results of all the websites show a lot of data below that website. If you look at the information, you can easily catch the weakness of the site and you can do SEO to bring your site on top of it.

Word Counter Plus:

You can check the Content-Length of any article of any site using Word Counter Plus tools. And you can rank your articles by analyzing the first articles of the search results.

Alex Traffic Rank:

Alex Traffic Rank is a very interesting tool because with it you can easily get some ideas on the site. For example, what is the RECENT GROWTH of that site, the most visitors are coming for any keywords. Various new information like what other KEYWORDS RANKING could be done by his web site. Available at ALEXA TRAFFIC RANK TOOLS.

SemRush/Ahrefs Tools:

You can also use SEMRUSH TOOLS. You can use AHREFS’s BACKLINK CHECKER TOOL to check BACKLINK. (But not these two BROWSER EXTENSIONS) Search pages of the website. You will find thousands of tools online that were once free but are now paired with some new free tools that will help SEO. If there are no free SEO tools SEO analyzer in it, then you can find many tools like it by searching on Google.

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