What is keyword research in SEO? How to do keyword research


What is keyword research in SEO

What is keyword research in SEO?

Keyword research in SEO is about finding a specific sentence. Keywords are topics that people search for in various search engines like Google. For example, if you need any information, would you type in a Google search? Surely you will type the information you need and do a Google search. You will search by typing. That’s modest to do, and it should finish there.

Because if you already know which keyword is searched more on Google, then you can easily rank in Google by creating content with that keyword. Keyword research is the process of finding the keywords that are most searched for in order to rank a website in Google or search engines. Keyword research is the first thing SEO does when it comes to SEO.

How to do keyword research:

If you want to do keyword research on Google, you have to use different techniques. Among them, I will tell you some special techniques which are very secret. So how to do keyword research let’s see. What is keyword research?

Keyword Research Extension:

Google Chrome has a variety of extensions for easy keyword research in SEO, the best two extensions that can be used for easy keyword research are:

1. Keyword Everywhere Extension

2. MozBar Extension

Extend the two extensions first. These two names will come up as soon as you type in Google, then you have to set it in your browser and then start working.


Keyword Everywhere job is to search by typing a topic in Google and all the keywords in the browser will be a list. You can download and see it if you want.


The MozBar extension is used to check the search volume of a keyword. Used to check the competition of each website. MozBar will show you the page authority, domain authority, and links of each website which is very important for keyword research.

Specific topic selection:

First you need to select a specific topic that gets more searches on Google and write an article for your website that you think is related to your website-related topics that will get more searches on Google in keywords. So you have to decide first what is the subject of the article?
Suppose electronics, then you have to do a Google search for electronics. People search more on the subject of electronics. You will see that when you start typing something in Google, Google automatically shows some writing before the writing is finished, then you have to understand that if you type in these, Google will suggest you to do a Google search. They have to be collected in Kigula.

Best Keyword Pick:

When you do a search on Google, it shows related searches along with its search because people search by typing in them, so the search engine automatically shows them. In this way, Google suggestions and related search keywords should be listed.

Keyword selection:

When the list of keywords is done, I have to do a Google search for each keyword one by one to see which website article is coming on that keyword. I have to read them one by one and try to get an idea. What is the page authority of the website? You have to make a list of topics like how to compete.

More search volume views:

In order to select the best keyword, you need to know the search volume of each keyword. How the keyword is searched every day, then you need to select the best keyword. There are various tools on the internet to check the best keywords and search volume. Using which you can easily check the best keywords and search volume, such as:

Best Keyword Research Tools:

  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Key Word Finder
  • Ubersuggest
  • Sovel
  • Wikipedia
  • LSIGraph
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Gooogle Award
  • Google Search Volume
  • Google Search Suggestions

Best Keyword Selection:

We will select the keyword which has a higher search volume and less competition as the best keyword, meaning that the keyword in which different websites are rank has less page authority and domain authority, then you can rank in Google with better content. Those keywords will be select for our content. Because these are our best keywords with which content writing will bank your site on Google.
Those keywords will be select for our content. Because these are our best keywords with which your site ranks in Google if you write content.

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