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computer running slow

It is impossible to imagine anything without computers at the present time. It has become our everyday tool. People of any profession without computers do not get perfection. We need a computer for all tasks such as official work, daily work, viewing pictures, listening to music, graphics and all kinds of work without a computer that we can not run at all. If all these activities continue regularly for a long time, the speed of the computer will not be the same as before. Gradually becomes slower. Then it is difficult to work on our computer and think of the problem. In this case, we install a new operating system on the computer. There are many reasons why a computer running slow. Which is extremely important to us. However, slow motion is more common for the following reasons. 

computer running slow

How to improve computer performance windows 10

1. Having a virus on the computer.

2. Due to bad sector reading on a hard drive.

3. If there is insufficient RAM in the computer.

4. The computer is slow due to not installing the drive driver properly.

5. Filling the PC’s memory with unnecessary software slows down the computer, so software that does not work regularly should not be installed on the computer.

6. Also, many computers have multiple software of the same function or type, such as Internet Explorer for browsing the Internet, Mozilla and Chrome, Photoshop for re-editing images, and Picasa installed again; Some even use up to two or three antiviruses on the same computer! This is one of the main reasons why computers are slow.

7. All we need to do is use a separate or portable USB hard disk to save pictures of past computer, HD movie or family accounting files.

8. Another reason why computers are slow is because of temporary file submissions.

How to speed up your slow computer. So for this, you have to do some work on the computer. Doing so will speed up your computer and allow you to work faster & This will improve computer performance windows 10.

Here is a detailed discussion on how to make your computer dynamic by deleting temporary files.

1. All you need to do to remove the temporary file is: Press the Windows and ‘R’ buttons on the keyboard together to delete temporary files. When the run window appears, type ‘temp’, then press Enter. When the temporary files appear in the new window, select all by pressing ‘ctrl’ and ‘A’ together. Press the ‘Delete’ button. If you want to know if it will be deleted, click ‘Continue’. If a message comes up stating that a file cannot be removed while it is running, press the ‘Skip’ button.

2. Regular Disk Defragmenter: Defragment the hard disk every few days. This will increase the speed of your hard disk. To defragment the hard disc, attend properties from My computer. From there go to Performance Information and Tools and finally go to Open Disk Defragmenter from Advanced Tools. If you want to go directly, type Disk Defragmenter in the search bar and press Enter. To solve computer running slow.

3. Get rid of malware and spyware: Most of the spread of malware, spyware and shortcut viruses is from pen drives. You can use USB Disk Security to keep the PC free from the virus of the pen drive. I gave the link of the software below. USB Disk Security

4. Keep your PC virus free: Viruses can destroy your entire PC. It can also finish all the files you need. You can use good quality antivirus for this. To delete browsing history and cookies on a daily basis.

Speed up my pc

6. Please remove unnecessary startup programs: When the PC is turned on, many unnecessary programs are launched. Because of those programs, it takes a long time for the PC to start and takes the place of RAM. To turn off unnecessary programs Autostart, go running, type msconfig, press Enter, and Disable programs you don’t need. Solve easily computer running slow.

7. Refresh drive regularly: Refresh the drive regularly to keep the PC running. To do so, enter the following text file and save it as Refresg.bat. Keep the drive moving by clicking on it every day. Refresh drive Download

8. Keep the computer cool: Excessive heating of the devices inside the computer can slow it down or even shut it down. If this problem occurs, the ventilation path of the computer should be kept open first. If dirt accumulates inside, it should be cleaned well. The case with a laptop, you can use a cooling pad with an extra fan. And if the desktop computer is too hot, you have to make arrangements to install additional fans.

9. Delete the temporary file: Have you ever deleted your internet files? These files are saved by the computer whenever you visit any website. And in the process, the computer gradually becomes slower. You should delete regular temporary files to eliminate this problem. Computers also have some temporary files. There are different ways to delete these. Delete the temporary files with the news according to the browser you use and the computer’s operating system. Delete temporary file Download

10. Do not run too many programs at once: If you have a habit of running many programs or websites together on the computer, then skip it. Due to this the usable memory of the computer decreases and the speed of the computer also decreases.

11. Dealing with memory problems: If the computer is an old model then running new software can be a problem. To deal with this problem, first of all, we have to see if there is a way to install additional RAM in the computer. If enough RAM can be installed, then the speed of the computer will be much higher than before then fast your computer running slow.

12. Maintenance: The computer needs regular maintenance. This includes regular computer scans with updated virus guards. Also need to find spyware. Uninstalling unnecessary software is also an important task. If your computer slows down abnormally, it needs to be thoroughly scanned with updated antivirus.

If the above issues are followed, I hope the computer will not lose its past. Rather, it will continue to grow all the time and improve computer performance.

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