Some tips on using a laptop


Some tips on using a laptop
Some tips on using a laptop

Many of us use laptop computers. But if we follow some rules in using the laptop, our laptop will be able to serve for a long time. For that, it is important to know some tips on using our laptop. Today I am discussing some important issues of using a laptop. So let’s get started.

  1. Reduce screen brightness when running the laptop on battery.
  2. Do not use the laptop in direct sunlight. This is because it can cause your laptop to heat up very quickly and cause any kind of damage.
  3. Turn off unnecessary programs to reduce the pressure on your laptop’s processor. Which will make the laptop better.
  4. Clean the battery connector line regularly.
  5. You don’t always play movies and songs from your laptop’s hard disk. This is because the capacity of the laptop’s CD / DVD ROM is reduced.
  6. You should not do any work during the maintenance of hard disk and CPU.
  7. If you use less or no battery at all on your laptop, its lifespan will be 8. reduced. If you want to get rid of this problem, try to run the laptop 2 to 3 days a week.
  8. Defragment the hard disk at least once a week to speed up the computer.
  9. Uninstall unnecessary programs that you do not use on your computer. Then the computer will work faster.
  10. Laptops are most susceptible to viruses when exchanging information with laptop removal drives (pen drives, memory cards, hard disks, etc.). So if you insert these drives into the laptop, you will definitely scan it with antivirus.
  11. After giving antivirus to the laptop, you will get regular updates from the internet.
  12. Removable Disk You should never open a folder with two clicks, as this can spread viruses to your computer. So always open by clicking on the Open option.
  13. Do not open the removal disk (pen drive) by pulling it from the computer. Remove from Remove Hardware and then remove.
  14. We often think that installing two or three antiviruses to get rid of the virus may protect you from the virus, but this is a misconception. If more than one antivirus is installed, it slows down the computer.
  15. Refrain from installing unnecessary programs on your computer. Note that viruses can enter your computer with the program.

Tips on using a laptop performance

Some tips on using a laptop
Some tips on using a laptop

  1. Be careful not to do all kinds of work on the computers that are connected to the server, then you can be infected with a virus.
  2. If necessary, you should install a well-licensed antivirus and update it with regular net connection. Enable the Auto-Update feature on your laptop.
  3. It is better not to enter all kinds of sites on the internet.
  4. Do not eat food and drink water in front of the laptop while operating your laptop.
  5. Check regularly if the electrical socket or cable is loose as loose connections can damage the laptop.

Hopefully using the laptop keeping in mind the above tips will make your laptop last longer. Thanks.

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